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A New Book About Finding Your Place

The Shapeless Shape is a seemingly simple story about a world of shapes where circles, squares, and rectangles go to school to learn what they can become.

But there is one shape — a shapeless shape — that just doesn’t fit.

This is the story of the Shapeless Shape’s journey, and a struggle we all experience from childhood to adulthood: the challenge of finding a place where our talents, uniqueness, and creativity can shine. The illustrations are brought to life through colorful, wooden pieces and the entire book is designed for adults & kids of any age or gender to see themselves in the story.

The Authors

Victor Saad is the Founder of Experience Institute, a Chicago-based education company helping college and grad students learn through real-world experiences.

David Kelley is a father, maker, founder of IDEO, a global design consultancy, and founder of the Stanford d.school.

Victor & David first met in 2013 and bonded over their interest to help students flourish. They began working together on this book to create a simple and creative way to invoke conversations about the way we all design our paths, grow our creativity, and find our place.

“But I want to read it agaaaainnn…”
Hazel, 5 • Logan, Utah

“We didn’t just fall in love with The Shapeless Shape, the book was a way to teach my son about shapes of all types and how they’re all around us.”
Amie, mother of Yuri, 10 • Riyadh, Saudia Arabia

“I love it.”
Luke, 4 • Wheaton, Illinois

“My daughter Audrey enjoys giving the shapeless shape any name or pronoun. She becomes part of the story from the very beginning.”
Katie, mother of Audrey, 4 • Chicago, Illinois

Ford, 3 • Chicago, Illinois


On October 19th, 2017, over 600 amazing individuals from around the world helped us fund this project on Kickstarter. Hooray!

Now, we’re prepping all of the orders to be shipped in time for the winter holidays. Join us by pre-ordering yours today.

Press Kit

Interested in featuring a story about the book & Kickstarter?

Download our media kit below, including photos, sneak peeks, and shareable photos and quotes.

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